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AMF Corporation sold he original pedal car tooling to a Mexican company in the early 70’s and production ended in the early 80’s when the company closed. The original equipment was left in a warehouse, where it remained untouched for nearly 20 years.

Enter Mark Luzaich in 2004.

As the owner of Warehouse 36, a small company in Windsor California, Luzaich started importing and producing pedal cars as collectables. Hearing about the original equipment, he flew to Mexico, bought it, and prepared to produce the original Mustang Pedal Car once again.

With the exception of a few modifications to meet modern safety standards, the new models are nearly identical to the originals, with all-steel construction, adjustable rubber pedals and authentic Mustang markings.

The biggest difference from the original pedal car is the price. While Ford dealerships sold them at a discount, in stores, they retailed for $25. But just as the cost of the Mustang has increased ten-fold over the last 40-years, so to has the price of the pedal car which now retails for around $250.

“The Mustang became one of the hottest pedal cars of all time,” said Bentley. “We hope the new one continues to offer nostalgia to kids of all ages.”


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