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The Year was 1965
Ford had announced a hot new car only months before: the Mustang, and set the automotive world on it's ear. That Christmas, kids across the U.S. got to share in the excitement with the introduction of the Mustang Pedal Car.

Created by AMF, the Mustang Pedal Car had many of the distinguishing features of the original: from the trademark side scoops and the three-section tail lights to the distinctive Mustang logo grille.

Flash Forward to 2005
After extensive research, Warehouse 36 located the original tooling for the AMF Mustang Pedal Car. Several trips later they had verified that this was indeed the complete set of tooling; untouched since the Mustang Pedal Car went out of production more than 20 years ago. All the pieces were there in perfect condition: from the stamped-steel tooling to the injection molds for the unique windshield and trademark Mustang details.

Realizing what an amazing find this was, they bought the full set of tooling and shipped it to a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. They also worked with Ford Motor Co. to secure licensing so they could reissue a Mustang Pedal Car that would be authentic in every way.

Authenticity and Collectibility
Licensed by Ford and manufactured from the original AMF tooling, this pedal car will be treasured for its authenticity and quality for years to come. Each car ships in it's own box and requires only minimal assembly.

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